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A Documentary Film by Shuhao Tse
Music by Cal Freundlich

Tang’s son was stolen when the child was 3. 12 years later, the police found him, but that joy was trapped in a new reality. Special Jury Prize and Best Documentary winner at the 2022  BAFTA Student Awards and current Finalist for the Student Academy Awards

Eagles Rest in Liangshan
A Documentary Film by Bohao Liu
Music by Cal Freundlich and Kelvin Yuen

Basketball is so popular with the Yi minority in Liangshan, that the center of town is not a park but a basketball court. Inspired by the Kobe Bryant Mamba mentality, a young Yi man returns to his city to coach the kids. Silver Medal winner at the Student Academy Awards.


A Valley Divided

Documentary Film by Madeline Gunderson
Music by Cal Freundlich

In the nation’s fruit basket, Latinx community organizers and farm workers are raising their voice and demanding equal representation at the ballot box. Official Selection of the DOC NYC Film Festival. Stream on Vimeo or watch the trailer on YouTube.

Cal Freundlich
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