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Eat Bitter
A Documentary Film by Ningyi Sun and Pascale Appora-Gnekindy
Music by Cal Freundlich

Against the backdrop of civil war in the Central African Republic, a Chinese construction manager and local African laborer work on opposite ends of the spectrum to construct a sparkling new bank. As deadlines loom, unexpected twists threaten their jobs, relationships, and plans for a better life. 2023 World Premiere at CPH: DOX and official selection of Vision Du Réel and Hot Docs. Read more on IMDB

A Documentary Film by Shuhao Tse
Music by Cal Freundlich

Eagles Rest in Liangshan
A Documentary Film by Bohao Liu
Music by Cal Freundlich and Kelvin Yuen

Basketball is so popular with the Yi minority in Liangshan, that the center of town is not a park but a basketball court. Inspired by the Kobe Bryant Mamba mentality, a young Yi man returns to his city to coach the kids. Silver Medal winner at the Student Academy Awards.


A Valley Divided

Documentary Film by Madeline Gunderson
Music by Cal Freundlich

In the nation’s fruit basket, Latinx community organizers and farm workers are raising their voice and demanding equal representation at the ballot box. Official Selection of the DOC NYC Film Festival. Stream on Vimeo or watch the trailer on YouTube.


Narrative Projects

Intersection (With/In Vol I)
A Short Film by Bart Freundlich 
Produced by Maven Screen Media
Music by Cal Freundlich

With/In Vol I is a collection of films that unites an excellent roster of directors and actors to detail COVID’s many domestic challenges in a cinematic time capsule of sorts. Intersection, starring Julianne Moore, Talia Balsam, and Don Cheadle, tackles the the complexity of family and race in the modern-day pandemic.  Official Selection of the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. Now available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes.


The Lion and The Firebird
A Short Film by Daniel Byers 
Music by Cal Freundlich

RISING FIRE, an early human, flees with her small daughter KONA pursued by a violent warband -- the LION MEN. When she is inadvertently saved by one of the last NEANDERTHALS, the two struggle to communicate and find trust. But when the Lion Men return, they become the key to one another's survival - and the future of humanity. Official Selection of the 2022 Screamfest Horror Film Festival. Read more on IMDB


Forty Winks
A Feature Film by Will Parker
Music by Cal Freundlich

Forty Winks is an English language Drama/Dark Comedy/Thriller feature film directed by Will Parker. A struggling Hypnotist (Justin Marcel McManus) in New York City is blackmailed into being the world's first hypnotist hit man after a mysterious woman (Susan Sarandon) finds out his degree is fake. Premiered June 6th at the Robin Williams Center, read more on IMDB


What Doesn’t Kill Us
A Short Animated Film by Margaret Howes
Music by Cal Freundlich

What Doesn’t Kill Us supposedly makes us stronger, but often only makes us more afraid. This short animation takes on a colorfull rollercoaster through the dangerous world in which we live. Coming Soon.

A Happy Accident
A Short Animated Film by Naomi Nuñez
Music by Cal Freundlich
With a wicked plot to destroy the village in the outskirts of his forest home, a diabolical wizard attempts to summon the darkest entity in his spellbook to do his bidding. But instead, he summons a painfully delightful fairy godmother.

Now stuck with this irritating new companion, the wizard must find a way to set his evil plot in motion, while the benevolent young fairy tries her best to make his dreams come true. Coming Soon
Just Imagine
A Short Animated Film by Rachel Shira Dan
Music by Cal Freundlich and Sophia Stone
This is the story of the relationship of a mother and a daughter. The mother does all she can for her daughter while trying to work around their financial situation with the use of imagination. Coming Soon.
An Animated Short by Caroline Macaulay
Music by Cal Freundlich
We could all use a little more color in our lives. 
Laurel Pursuit Studios
Music Director Cal Freundlich
Laurel Pursuit Studios is a US-Based Webtoon & Manga Studio
with published series such as DDA, Odia, God Game, Zenogakki, and Kenjiro. Along with staggering art and story, Laurel Pursuit Studios is changing the game by adding original soundtracks to their web-comic series. 
Check out Laurel Pursuit’s Website and Read Here

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